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8ball Retail has always looked forward to working on new innovative ideas for the Retail industry.

This industry is growing at a substantial percentage. Keeping this fact in mind, we are looking forward to investing in this sector. The motive is simple “Never leave the opportunity which can lead to the overall development of the community as a whole.


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With a motive to save pets, we created a group of people who are dedicated to serving the best possible services to pets and their parents. We have also partnered with amazing brands around the globe to bring wonderful products and accessories for you and your pets. Want to adopt a pet or you want to buy the perfect item that makes your furry go bow-wow? FurryTails have got it all.

Along with buying and selling, FurryTails also deals in their adoption, insurance, and SPA. Insurance cover will let your pet protect its Furrytails, cover its Medical Expenses, and provide additional benefits and rewards. On the other hand, in SPA care, a team of professionals will provide grooming sessions to identify the stress levels of your pets. They also give grooming sessions to make them feel relaxed.



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